As a child going peepee in middle of the night is kind of a creepy adventure. Find your way in the darkness to find the toilet before wetting yourself.

The game was developed for the Global Game Jam 2019. (link)

Find the toilet before wetting yourself (before the yellow pee bar reach maximum)

Beware of monsters they increase your fear (blue bar), which increase the speed of the pee bar (yellow bar) increase.
Find shelters to reduce your fear. (orange light)

You can use either gamepad or keyboard+mouse

WASD/Arrows/Left stickMove / Strafe
Mouse/Right stickLook around
Shift/Right triggerRun (running increase a bit your pee bar)


  • Pierre-Igor Berthet - Developper, Sound designer, Creepy Voices actor.
  • Olivier Basille - Developper, Ecologist enthusiastic, Lunch time manager.
  • Tristan (Christian) Siodlak - 3D Artist, Lightning, Set dressing, Bad jokes manager.
  • Boris Poget - 3D Artist, Beer manager.
  • Rémi La Marra - 2D Animator, UI, Logo, Good enough manager.
  • Jadh Safri - 2D Artist, Night watcher. Anonymous - Level designer.

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